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Free Streaming Apps – Best App for Android iPhone

It may seem unbelievable in the age where people are spending fortunes to watch movies and TV Shows that there are some best free streaming apps that you can just download on your phone and tablet and start watching. 

There are also some people who rely on the shady corners of the Internet to watch movies and TV shows for free. Mind you, such activities are not only illegal once prosecuted they can be charges with a huge fine or even get imprisoned. However, you will not face any such consequences if you use these best free streaming apps as they are completely and exclusively legal. 

So without wasting much of your time with the traditional introductory part, here are the top free streaming apps where you can watch free movies on the android, ios, and kindle. Read the full listing and then decide which of these best free streaming apps suits your needs as the order-given here does not rank them. 

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Owned by Sony, Crackle maintains the reputation of the Sony Pitcures.  Crackle not only supports almost every device( smartphone, most smart TVs,  streaming players, in addition to the regular browser experiences) it also has the easiest interface to tackle with.  The videos run smooth and you will not see any unnecessary buffering if your internet connectivity is optimum. Moreover, you do not have to log-in to watch the movies; however, the option is available if you prefer. 

The apps are available for android, ios, kindle, and Windows which you can download from respective app-stores of the devices. 

crackle bear free streaming apps
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The movie collections from sony and other production partners are worth a mention. And, not only the movies load fast, but you can also stream the movies at HD resolution and other lower resolutions that you prefer. Moreover, you can also watch your favorite TV shows when you are on the go. But, of course, you do not get all that free. I do not mean dollar-wise, means, you have to watch some ads when you stream the movies or TV shows. But, I assure you that these ads are worthwhile given the great content from the sony for absolutely free. 


Besides movies and TV shows, Tubi has a wide selection of Korean movies, British drama series, and animes. What’s great is that you can also expect to stream new movies sometimes. Friday is known as the Tubi day on the app as it adds new movies and TV series every Friday. 

You can also employ Chromecast or Airplay to transmit your screen on the TV if you prefer. If you have ever have used Netflix you will not find Tubi difficult to use; as it has almost the same features as syncing your account on multiple devices, streaming the movie or TV show from where you last left. Similarly, you can also make your own personal queue of movies that you may want to watch later. 

Tubi best free streaming movie app

Like Crackle it is up to you to decide whether to log-in or not, however, features that are above-mentioned can only be enjoyed when you log-in to the app. You can get most of the movies in the highest quality but not all of them have the HD resolution. The collection of the movies may not be that great, but yes some of the content is really great. 

And, of course, it is absolutely free to watch anything on the app. However, unlike Crackle you will not get only one ad but a series of ads in-between the movies. The app is available for both ios and android. 


Vudu does have paid services but has a great list of free movies too. The tag itself says, “Watch free with ads”: but given the excellent content, those ads seem nothing. You can stream almost thousands of movies on multiple devices. Some other apps that offer both free and paid services make it difficult to search for free movies, well, that is not the case with Vudu as the interface makes it easy to search for free movies. Moreover, the interface is easy and the movies are organized according to the genre; so, all you have to do is click and stream the content. 

Vudu is once such an app that does add free movies often but also removes many of them after a certain period. 

It is available for both android and ios besides the usual browser use. However, wherever you prefer to watch movies and TV shows, you have log-in before streaming. 

vudu best free movie streaming app
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Additionally, all the movies and TV shows are available in HD and if you have a good audio system; you can enjoy the crystal clear sounds that you hear in the theatres. 

You cannot download the movies if you are streaming from the section “Movies On us”, but if you buy or rent a movie it lets you download the content and you can enjoy it offline. 

It does support Chromecast, so if you want to enjoy the movies with your family it is one of the best free streaming apps that you can use. 


With some dedicated indie movie collection and movies from around the globe, FilmRise is really a different platform from any other free movie apps on the list. The app also includes many documentaries for free, so if you are really interested in different stuff and want to enrich your knowledge for free; this is the best free streaming app that you can get your hands-on. There are also special sub-sections like feel-good movies, based on true events and critically acclaimed movies. 

Apart from these many great movies for free, FilmRise has made it very easy to use the navigation with it’s simple and clean app. 

filmrise movie streaming apps for android and iphone
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Although you do not have to sign-in to stream the movies if you want to make it easy to re-watch and make your own list, it’s good if you sign-in the app and then stream. 

However, you should know that with all the great content FilmRise has there is no specific genre and suggest list that will be offered to you. So, do not expect a particular order of genres, but nonetheless, if you have the patience of searching a big list go ahead and download the FilmRise app (which is available for both ios and android as well as the usual desktop version) as this is surely one of the top free streaming apps out there. 


Besides hundreds of TV series and thousands of movies; Pluto TV also offers regular TV channels that you can stream for free—you can also get the on-demand movies. The procedure is the same, which means, you watch have to watch some ads to get the content that you want to stream. So, what makes it different is the content as not only it is packed with regular movies, you can get some really good TV series that is not only critically acclaimed but also has a good reputation among the audience. 

The option of live TV is something that you will not get on any other apps as not only it is for free, the cost you pay (ads) are minimal and definitely worth in return for the content. 

You can watch almost everything in the HD resolution, however, some movies and TV series are uploaded in the good resolution so expecting HD from those content is not an option. 

There are 17 dedicated stations each with a unique list of movies and TV series of different genres like romance, horror, drama, etc. 

apps to watch movie online
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The app is available for ios, android, Windows, and Mac and supports almost every streaming device that there is like iPad, Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Smart TV’s. 


PopcornFlix too is a free streaming app especially dedicated to stream movies. There is a huge list of movies and gets new content almost every week. All the movies are listed in specific genres so finding a specific movie really becomes easy. The app too is clear and simple and using it will not be difficult at all. 

The resolution of the movies, however, is not that high, but yes, it is not that bad. There is a dedicated section of international movies and award-winning movies so be ready for good content if you are going to download PopcornFlix. The app is available for ios, android, and Kindle and you can stream the movies on almost every device. 

You do not have to log-in to watch, as without logging too it maintains the queue that you had set to watch the movies. It restarts from where you left. 

top free apps for watching movies

The greatest thing about PopcornFlix is not that great content of movies for free but it’s the PopcornFlix Originals. You get something that you cannot watch elsewhere. 

And, of course, there is Youtube, if lucky you can occasionally get your hands on some of the best movies but such occasions are rare. You can either download one of these best free streaming apps or download two or three at once. The greatest thing about these top streaming apps is that they are completely free.