How To Increase Your Domain Authority

I can say with confidence that any online marketer has one key goal. To get the #1 position on the search engine result page, the reason, because it is valuable— if you be on the #1, your CTR will be almost 100% percent higher than the second result. So, how to increase your domain authority and to be number one on Google searches?

The answer is by improving your DA {Domain Authority}; if you know how to improve the DA of your Website, you can quickly achieve that rank. 

This article will discern everything that you should know about DA {Domain Authority}, and some tips are included to increase your DA. 

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What is the domain authority (DA)?

Before you proceed with increasing your DA {Domain Authority}, you must understand what Domain Authority is?

And, before understanding What is DA? You need to check your Website DA. 

You can quickly do this by visiting the MOZ page Open Site Explorer  — a free tool offered by the MOZ (who bought the DA ranking). 

How to Check DA{ Domain Authority}?

Click the link Open Site Explorer or visit 

In the search bar, enter your Website URL. 

what is domain authority

And, when you hit the “search” option, you will see a result page —where you can see your Domain Authority. 

how to check your website DA

The MOZ explanation of the Domain Authority {DA}

Domain Authority scores are on a 100 point; the higher the number, the higher the chance of facing the first page. 

If your site is new, you will see somewhat a low number —and you can increase this number quickly when compared to a website that is older (and the Domain Authority of the Website is already high). 

Means, you can quickly increase the DA {Domain Authority} if your ranking is low; but once your ranking jumps over 70, the levels of the game become hardened, and you have to feed more backlinks and put more effort in achieving a higher number. 

So if your DA{ Domain Authority} score is about 15-20, you can quickly increase it by 10-15 points only by the tips of growing DA {Domain Authority} in this article. 

As promised, here is the answer to the question 

What is the Domain Authority{DA} of a Website?

As mentioned, the Domain Authority {DA} is a score between 0 to 100 points on a logarithmic scale, which predicts where your rankings will be on a search engine (Google). 

What is the DA of a website
(Image Credit: The Click Hub)

But, you should know that Google uses a “Page Rank” criteria, following which you can be sure to give a boost to your page rankings. 

Though Google Page Rank is useful to increase Site rank, the Domain Authority is relatively a higher tool when it comes to measuring the competitiveness of a page (to be specific a new page). 

Though the accuracy of the Domain Authority Score is not always fair as it is common for many popular blogs to have a high rank on google searches and have a low Domain Authority Score. 

Things to know about Domain Authority {DA}

  1. MOZ’s Domain Authority score does not include the Google Penalties, which are outlined in the Page Authority Rankings; so many a time, the Domain Authority score is still higher even when the page is under Penalty imposed (for many wrong reasons) by Google. 
  2. The Page Ranking by Search Engine (Google) is based on many influential factors (Google does not declare this, and the knowledge is limited to expert predictions). The MOZ’s Domain Authority takes into account 40 such factors while the count of Google is somewhere near 200 (again a guessed number by experts). 
  3. Increasing Domain Authority of a website takes time, especially if your Domain Authority score is higher. 
  4. The primary concern of Domain Authority number is that it is not constant; changes continually, so you cannot think that your SEO practices are excellent simply because your DA is higher. 

How the Domain Authority {DA} is calculated?

Some significant factors of those 40 (specified by the MOZ team) include:

  1. SEO Performance (General and Overall of a website)
  2. The Content Quality
  3. The popularity of the Domain across social media platforms
  4. Incoming Links

Forty such factors affect the Domain Authority of a website, keep in mind that you can efficiently work your way on the Tips to Increase Domain Authority to see definite results. 

Tips to Increase Domain Authority {DA} of a Website

The first and foremost thing to understand is that there is no perfect site (no matter how big they are or how high their score of DA). 

So follow these tips to increase the DA of your Website. 

Tips to Increase Domain Authority {DA} of a Website
(Image Credit: Orbit media)

Now that you know what Domain Authority is and How the DA of a website is calculated, it will be easier for you to comprehend the tips to increase DA. 

Improving Your Off-Page SEO

One major thing that is underestimated by many website owners is that they do not give much importance to the Link Profile. 

But, when the question is how to increase your DA{Domain Authority}, the first answer has a clean profile that is well established. 

If a website has incoming links from a good website (also those should be from related websites), the number of bad links is null (or minuscule), and those links are from unique domains— you can say that the Website has a strong profile. 

To increase your Domain Authority {DA}, it is peculiar that you make your link profile stronger. 

And, you can do this conveniently by working on your Off-Page SEO practices. 

Start by eliminating all the bad links from the page. 

There are online tools like — MOZ Explorer, and SEMrush, which will point out all such low-end links quickly. 

And, then you can contact the website owners from where the links are incoming and ask them to either eliminate from that page or tag the link to “nofollow” which automatically removes any bad evaluation that is incoming.

There are even tools from Google known as —Disavow Tool, which eliminated all the toxic links from your page. 

Meanwhile, follow steps to improve your profile like Natural Link Building, and Blogger outreach to increase your Domain Authority quickly. 

Improving your On-Page SEO

To increase your Domain Authority, you should work immensely on your On-page SEO optimization, everything related to page and content. 

Follow this article to learn in detail about On-Page SEO Optimization. 

 Some general tips to increase your On-page SEO practices are:

  1. If you already are not, Optimize Titles and Descriptions of your content. 
  2. Learning how to use Headings in the content (Tags of Heading-1 and Heading 2) is a must in your content. 
  3. The Structure of your URL. 
  4. Optimize any media elements that are on your page (Videos, Pictures). 
  5. LSI Keyword. 
  6. Insert links (focus on internal links), and meanwhile format your content according to Google. 

Improving Your Technical SEO 

If you are already working (from the very first content) on small SEO tasks, you do not have to worry about Technical SEO. But if you did not work your way in even little things that are related to SEO, you have to edit any such errors to improve your Domain Authority. Some suggestions if you are not aware of these:

  1. Become a friend of Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Bing; start by registering on both platforms. 
  2. Optimize your Sitemap and submit to Google, and then give a look to robots.txt settings to see that other engines too can show your Website. 
  3. Add structured data to help Google understand your content. 
  4. Optimize your Breadcrumbs of every article. 

Mobile-Friendly Website

If you have been on the internet for a long time, you know that having a mobile-friendly website is your choice; you either choose to optimize it mobile-friendly or did not consider the option. 

But today, it’s no longer a choice but has become a mandatory moderation to improve Domain Authority. 

mobile friendly website to increase web DA
(Image Credit: Marketing Your Hospital)

There are valid reasons for this; one significant — today, the mobile search is 60% more than Desktop searches; the majority of the Desktop searches are diversion coming from mobile search, which means a user searches a website on a mobile-first and then switches to Desktop. 

Not only MOZ’s Domain Authority is linked to mobile-friendliness, but also Google made it quite clear that a website that is not mobile-friendly will not be indexed first on Google Searched. 

You can use this tool to see your Website mobile-friendliness —

Improving Your Page Speed

Even in general, we know that a faster website carries a higher weightage when compared to a slower website— as it is not user-friendly. 

So working on your Website speed is a must, not only to be atop in Google search and increasing DA but also to lead more sales and subscribers. 

Some general tips to increase your Website speed is:

  1. Regularly Updating WordPress and plugins. 
  2. eEliminating all the unnecessary plugins. 
  3. Optimizing the pictures and videos (the file size). 
  4. Utilizing Streaming assistance— Youtube for videos.
  5. Utilizing the Content Delivery Network (CDN) when delivering big files and CSS files. 


This is barely a start on how to improve your DA {Domain Authority}; many such factors are not listed in the article, like building a Social Media Network.

If you are on Facebook, work to improve your followers, similar is for Pinterest, LinkedIn, and all the social media channels. 

But above all, the answer to; what is the best tip to increase DA is “Patience” —because it does take time. 

And, meanwhile, you must have noticed that all the tips to improve DA is all the practices that you should follow to rank higher on the search engines; there is not a single-one listed that is not achievable easily.