TikTok App: TikTok Marketing Strategies

The TikTok app is a video-sharing social networking service available for iOS and android smart devices such as smartphones. It is also available for web-based users. It took the internet by storm when it was launched in 2017. And a huge part of the world’s population, especially the youth, are on the tik tok app today.  This article will discuss everything you need to know about Tiktok marketing strategies.

What is TikTok about? 

Let’s take a deep dive into the tiktok app so we can fully understand it. To begin, tiktok is a video and music-based app that lets you create short videos and share them with your tiktok followers or other tiktok online users as well. Some of the video clips that you can create include comic videos, lip syncs, and dance moves with special effects.  

Also, you can create memes and share them on the tiktok app for your followers to amuse themselves. Most users see tiktok as just a social networking app that lets them create and share videos. But only a few users realize that they can monetize their tiktok content. And this post aims to look at how to make money on tiktok online.  

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How does TikTok work? 

tiktok marketing

Before starting to use the tiktok app, you will have to sign up with your phone number, email address, Facebook or Instagram. This will make sure you have a TikTok account. Once you’re in, you can search for popular content creators and follow them. Also, you can begin to create and share content with other tiktok users.  

When your followers from other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are already on tiktok, they can follow you. And you can also follow them. Finding content to watch on the tiktok app is very simple. You can search for videos or content by categories that include comedy, animals, dances, and sports.  

You can also click on the hashtags to find content to watch. It is very simple to use and doesn’t have any learning curve to make things easier.  

How can you make money from TikTok? 

If you have a TikTok account, you can make some money through it. But the amount you are going to make largely depends on your follower base. The larger your tiktok follower base it, the more money you can earn from the app. We can categorize the monetizing methods into the following 2 categories:  

Growing TikTok accounts and selling them

There are already people building TikTok accounts or profiles from the ground up and selling them to major business brands. What these people do is simple: they select a niche to base the accounts on. Then they create entertaining content that goes viral to attract more tiktok followers.  

To keep the followers interested and bring in more, they always post other interesting content but within the same niche. Once an account has many followers in hundreds of thousands if not millions, they approach major brands and sell the accounts to them.  

Tiktok profile sellers only look for businesses dealing in products relevant to their tiktok content. The business now owning the TikTok account can then look for ways of creating product awareness through their new TikTok account. This is one method of making money from tiktok.  • 

Tiktok marketing

Marketing your products on TikTok is another excellent way of making money through the popular social networking app. But to make your products go viral on this platform, you will need: 

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1. A TikTok influencer

A TikTok influencer with a large tiktok follower base and subscribers might help you get your product out there. Partnering with such influencers and letting them use your product in one of their videos will create product awareness to TikTok users. This is the basis of tiktok marketing using a TikTok influencer. 

2. Use Tiktok ad platform

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If you have many tiktok followers, you can monetize your profile. This is possible through running paid traffic. You simply sign up for tiktok ad space and include ads to your content. When your followers or other tiktok users click on the ads, they will be redirected to sites where they can buy the products from. If you are an affiliate marketer, you will earn commissions from qualifying purchases.  

3. Showcase your products in a fun and creative way

The TikTok space is already a crowded one. Brands and major businesses are rushing to create accounts where they can display their products and services. With many accounts on the TikTok platform, getting your content to go viral might be more challenging than you think. The competition is very stiff. 

So, what do you do in this case? There are a few tricks that you could use to get your products and services out there. And viral products mean more customers and more profit. First, you can use hashtag challenges to get your content (product) viral. These hashtags will make your tiktok online content visible to your followers and other users as well. 

But that’s not all! You need fun and engaging content to keep visitors interested. Have it in mind that the majority of the TikTok user base are young people, probably between the ages of 16-24 years. Therefore, make content that interests that demography.  

Making lighthearted video content is a great idea to capture the attention of your tiktok followers. Always diversify your tiktok content. And remember to use some popular music as the background track. You can also add some special video effects to make the video content more attractive and attention-grabbing. 

Does product marketing on TikTok have a future? 

There are opportunities in TikTok that are up for grabs. You only need to be bold enough to take the opportunities. Tiktok is a social networking platform that is here to stray given its rate of growth. In the next few years, its user base will explode. That means it will still be a viable marketing channel. 

You only need to build it up from the ground with the right tiktok follower base. Adding interesting and viral products is one way of building a TikTok profile. Also attaching viral hashtag challenges to your bio and products is another method.  

You can then create product awareness using your follower base. Or you can simply hire a product influencer to get the message out there. TikTok influence marketers are your number one option if you need your product and services to reach a wider tiktok follower base.  

But as always, you will make some initial investment before seeing your returns. You will need to pay them and give them some of your products to use while advertising them on the tiktok app.


Tiktok is one of the most downloaded apps. That means it has a wide user base most of whom are youthful demographic. You can monetize your tiktok account if you have some strategies put in place. Luckily, we have shared some strategies to use for making money on tiktok. 

All you have to do is grow your profile so it can have a mass following. You can then decide to post products and services in a bid to garner more customers. But first, regularly posting interesting and fun content is a major key. Use the tips in this post to propel your business forward or make some extra cash from your social-networking app.